I need to take the day off – the new washing machine is getting delivered – argh!


The washing machine broke last week after many faithful years of service. So I went down to the shopping centre with my wife and after a bit of a search we found exactly what we wanted; right colour, right width, capacity – great! Well maybe not, as when we were completing the deal we were then told that it could only be delivered between 9:00 – 5:00 and they could only tell us within a 1/2 day window when it could be delivered.

I looked at my wife and she looked at me – who was going to take the time off work?

This is just a factitious story but I’m sure it sounds familiar. When are businesses going to get the idea that we all have commitments during the day including even hard working mums and dads dealing with child care needs.

Well it sounds like some companies are paying attention.

AO.com are an internet based business selling home appliances of various sorts. They seem to have got the message and commit to deliver “when you’re in” – that’s refreshing.

At Serveme247.com recognise innovative service when they see it. Serveme247.com is “committed to help you make the most of your life” by creating a focus for products and services like the AO.com, who seem to making the effort to reduce the impact on peoples lives.

Job done and no time off work – I can save those holidays for another day.



January 29, 2015 |

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